About the DFW Foster Parent Association


Our Goal

DFWFPA advocates for all those who care about children and their families. We work supportively with foster, adoptive, and kinship families, and with local foster parent associations and agencies who care for the children.


Craft Baskets

The Dallas Fort Worth Foster Parent Association is excited to launch our latest project to bring craft baskets to the homes of foster families and Child Protective Services’ offices.


Our Scholarship

The DFWFPA Performing and Visual Arts Scholarship Fund provides financial assistance and promotion of high school students pursuing a career in the performing, visual arts, journalism and/or mass communications.

About Our President

Shawn Johnson is a Dallas-based foster care advocate and father, philanthropist, and business strategist whose compassion, dedication, and innovation have earned him the reputation as an inspirational leader in his community. Throughout nearly a decade, he has garnered extensive experience in civil and human rights, economic empowerment, poverty alleviation, social services, advocacy, and more.

Currently, Shawn serves as the Founder and President of the Dallas Fort Worth Foster Parent Association (DFWFPA), where he and his committed team provide advocacy to children and families across not only Dallas and Fort Worth, but all of Texas. He also holds active membership at numerous esteemed organizations, including the Texas Foster Care Association as the former Second Vice President and current Secretary, and Region 3 Foster Parent Representative, and the National Foster Parent Association’s Board of Directors.

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Shawn Johnson